‘Fall decor’ store in Chicago has its very own digital currency

The Fall Furniture store in Illinois’ South Shore neighborhood has its own digital coin.

The “Fall Coin” is a digital coin that is used to purchase the store’s inventory.

The store’s owner, Robert F. Hynes, announced the new coin in a video announcing the opening of the new store.

Hinks, who previously owned the original store, said the new digital coin will help the store compete with other online retailers that offer the same items at a lower price.

The coin is currently valued at around $5, and Hynes said he plans to use the proceeds to help pay for a new digital-only store that will be open by the end of the year.

“The digital currency is a very interesting thing for us because it’s the only thing that allows us to pay for all of our items in the store,” Hynes told the Chicago Tribune.

“That’s the thing that’s going to make it competitive with other retailers, like Amazon and Apple and eBay.”

Hynes said that when he first started the store, he only had a small amount of stock and the store only sold a limited number of items per day.

Hynsses said that as his business expanded, he realized that the store would need more space, so he began selling more of the items in his inventory.

“We’re now able to make a profit on that stock every single day, so that’s been great for us,” Hynson said.

Hynes told Chicago’s WBBM News that he plans on adding more online items and offering an online payment option for items purchased on-site.

In addition, he said he will be expanding the selection of items available on-store to make up for the inventory shortfall.

The store will be opening on February 28, and the digital currency will be used to pay customers for their purchases.

Hynssis said that he intends to use his profits from the new shop to help fund an online college program he plans for his son, who is an avid video gamer.

Hymes has previously said that the college will allow him to pursue an education in digital media and technology.

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