How to Make Your Own Home with DIY Steel Roots Decor

I’ve been making home decor with steel roots lately.

The first thing I learned was how to make my own steel roots with just a little bit of trial and error.

The Steel Roots Kit is the first DIY kit I’ve ever made using the DIY method, but you can easily make your own DIY steel roots using just about any kind of wood, woodworking equipment, and other supplies you have.

This article will walk you through the process of making steel roots, showing you how to get the right kind of finish, and how to properly stack the roots.

The Steel Roots Kits are made from natural woods, so the wood is free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and mold.

You can use a standard jointer, or you can purchase a heavy duty one to create the steel roots.

To get started, you’ll need: 1/2 inch thick wood dowels, 3 feet in diameter.

1/4 inch thick wooden dowels are perfect for making steel root bases.

The dowels need to be slightly thicker than the wood itself, so make sure you are using the right size dowels. 

To get started on your steel roots: 1.

Place the wood dowel on top of a flat surface.


Make sure you have enough wood dowells to cover the bottom of the base.


Take a scrap of wood that is 3/4 inches thick, cut off two pieces, and put them in the center of the dowels in the bottom row of dowels on the base (not in the middle row).


Repeat steps 2-4 for the rest of the wood on the dowel. 

Once you’ve made your steel root base, you can stack the doweled dowels using any kind a woodworking tool you want.

For example, you could stack them on top a large flat plate, or stack them in place on a table.

You could even stack them to form a base on the floor.

I prefer to stack them up on a flat plate.

You may want to add a second layer of dowel at the top to make sure the dowells don’t stick together when you put the steel base on it.

Once you have your steel base in place, take a piece of plywood and cut it into four or five pieces, then use that as a base.

When you have a base you like, you might want to place it on the flat plate you just made and use the base as your base.

If you have to make a second base, take your first base, and stack it to form another base.

When you’re finished stacking your base, use your dowel to make the top of the top layer of steel roots to cover your new steel base.

To stack your base on a tabletop, use the doweling you just cut to make your steel top.

Place your steel bottom layer of roots on the tabletop, and you’re done!

Steel Roots can be made using a variety of materials.

I used natural woods from the local lumber yard, but any kind you want will work.

I have a large collection of natural wood dowles, and I’m currently using my steel roots kit to make steel roots from natural wood.

You don’t need to worry about how much wood you use, as the steel root kit comes with a few different lengths of dowler to make different sizes of steel root. 

This is how you stack your steel wood roots using the steel dowels you bought at the lumber yard.

I added some more dowel, and this is how I stack my steel root with my other dowels and wood dowler.

Here is the finished steel root, ready for your steel home decor.

I added a couple more dowler and added more steel roots as I went along. 

The bottom layer makes a great base for your living room or kitchen.

You’ll be able to make these with the same dowler you used for your home base.

You will need a heavy wooden dowel for the base to stack the wood roots on, but if you don’t have a heavy wood dowle, you may be able a wooden dowler, or even a large square dowel with a dowel bar for extra stability. 

Now that you have steel roots ready to decorate your home, let’s take a look at how you can decorate them with some more DIY ideas. 

You can add a couple of additional steel roots and make a wall to decorat with steel. 

Add more wood to make an ornate ceiling and wall. 

Create a unique wall out of a simple wooden plank. 

Use steel roots on a wall with decorative steel plates. 

Build an ornamental steel plate. 

Wall art is a great way to add more interest to your home. 

Make a wooden plate to decoratively add some steel to your dining room. 

Decorate your dining table with decorative wooden plates.

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