Why the ‘Star Wars’ costumes are so popular among American children

When Disney released the Star Wars costumes in 1977, a lot of kids liked the look.

Kids loved their Star Wars tights and boots.

The costume, with its bright green and yellow paint and purple and yellow trim, was pretty, and the colors were pretty good.

But a lot more kids than kids liked these costumes.

One study found that over a decade later, the average age of a child who had bought a costume was 11 years old.

Parents and kids are getting along OK now, but it’s a lot different in 1977.

Now, parents have a lot to work with.

Parents don’t have to worry about the “wrong” costumes, and kids aren’t having to think about what’s “right” for their parents.

“It’s just a matter of looking at what the kids want,” says Kelly Mather, a teacher at the school where I taught kindergarten in Seattle.

The “right”-looking costumes were always for the kids to buy, so the kids had to make do with what they had, Mather says.

The more things were available, the more kids wanted the “right-looking” costumes.

Mather has seen it all.

A decade ago, her class was in the middle of a Halloween costume party when a girl came up to her.

“She’s wearing a Star Wars mask,” Mather recalls her teacher saying.

“You don’t get a Star War mask anywhere else, so why don’t you get a one here?”

The teacher told the girl to go to her room, but the girl had no choice but to dress up in the Star War costume.

The students had to go home that night.

Now Mather’s class is on the lookout for the right-looking costumes, which are sold in a separate section of the school, for the first time ever.

The kids aren, of course, looking at the right stuff.

They’re dressing up as their favorite characters, like Darth Vader or Leia.

The right-lookin’-stuff thing is more about what the students want.

And it’s just that now there are some other toys that are available.

And that’s why they’re not as big of a deal to parents.

But when you’re dealing with kids, the right kind of things get a lot less attention.

In a world where they’re watching cartoons and playing video games, you need a certain amount of attention, Mato says.

Parents are not looking at that.

“I’ve never seen a parent say, ‘Oh, my kid wants a Disney Star Wars costume,'” Mato recalls.

The parents are focused on what their kids are seeing on TV and what their kid wants to buy.

So, they’re making the right choices and paying attention to the right things.

It’s like a parent trying to make the right decisions.

The kid’s doing what the parents are asking, and it’s the right choice for the parents.

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