How to get your kid to take a selfie on his own birthday

A few weeks ago, the students of a Catholic boarding school in Italy decided to celebrate the birthday of their teacher by taking selfies.

The students of St. Mary’s College in Florence, which is in the province of Lombardy, took to Instagram to post the photos and posted them to their personal accounts.

The photos were shared by hundreds of students.

Many of them also took the photo on their own birthday.

The photo of the students was shared by more than a million people and gained attention worldwide.

The school has been criticized for the way it handled the issue. 

The photos of the graduation ceremony, however, have drawn a lot of attention from the public. 

“The students have done the right thing, and the parents are also right,” the school’s president, Francesco Di Giacomo, told AFP.

The images of the ceremony were shared more than 1,400 times on social media sites, while the hashtag #graduationphotos was trending in Italy. 

“We have to show respect for the teachers and to the students,” Di Giamos said.

The principal of the school also expressed his support for the students. 

He told reporters that the students should have been more sensitive. 

“[The students] did not take the photo with the intention of being offensive.

They are a wonderful people and a very well behaved lot,” he said.

“The photos show the true image of the person and not a picture taken by a child.” 

The parents of the graduating students also expressed their support for their teachers.

“They have done what they were asked to do, and we thank them for it,” the father of one of the graduates, Mario, told Italian news agency ANSA. 

The principal of St Mary’s college told ANSA that he did not understand the outrage over the photos.

“I don’t understand why the students had to take the pictures, since it was already taken,” he told the newspaper.

“It is not like they have the power to take anything.”

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