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A new trend is being driven by the modern home and it’s not for the faint of heart.

For many, the new trend has come from the modern day home, a room that has been converted to become a work of art, art installation or other artistic endeavor.

A new art gallery or a collection of sculptures have been set up in this modern-day home and they are now attracting a lot of attention and interest.

Here is a look at some of the most popular art galleries in this new art style and what people are saying about them.

The Modern Home Art Gallery is set up by a group of artists who are calling themselves The Modern Art Gallery and the galleries work includes installations, sculptures and a collection, which is a collection consisting of original artwork.

The gallery’s owner, Vicky Rana, says that it is not just about art, but about art making.

“Our gallery is dedicated to the concept of a modern home, and its all about making it accessible and beautiful.

Its not just for the art lovers but for anyone who wants to have an art installation, sculpture, painting or painting, whatever it may be,” says Rana.

The artist said that the work is not necessarily about art but it is about the idea of art.

She also shared her reasons behind her name, the Modern Art gallery.

“My name is Vicky.

I am a young Indian artist, who is passionate about the art of the present and the future.

I feel the importance of preserving and sharing the past.

I hope that in the next 20 years, people will take an interest in art,” says the artist.

She says that she is a fan of all art styles and styles of modern art, including the art from India.

She is also a lover of Indian art, which she says is also based on its cultural heritage.

Rana said that she hopes that the modern art gallery will attract artists from around the world and people from all over the world will come to see the work of artists from her gallery.

The new art is currently in its second year and the artist says that the works are not only for the public, but also for her gallery’s customers.

“The art is not only a public art but also a work in progress.

Its for the benefit of the community.

I want to create something that everyone can see, and I am sure it will inspire and inspire the people who come in for the exhibition.

The works are free to the public.

The artists are not selling their works, the works only go for free,” says Vicky and her team.

She said that her gallery has a very strong focus on contemporary art and has a collection that is made up of works that are original and contemporary in nature.

The collection of works include sculptures, paintings, drawings and ceramics.

Ranas family and art studio is located in the suburbs of Chennai and she says that there is a good balance between the art and the artistic elements in the collection.

“We have a good atmosphere and a friendly atmosphere.

We try to do our best to make our art as beautiful as possible, which I think is why we have the best collection in the world,” says a smiling Rana as she speaks about the collection of artworks.

“There are some works that I love but some of my paintings are not for everyone.

The work is just for my clients,” says she.

The Contemporary Art Gallery in Chennai is a private gallery and the gallery is not open to the general public.

However, Rana is very proud of the artworks she has created and said that they will be a symbol of a new era in art.

“I have created works of art to show the power of the modern and the modern age, to show a world that is changing.

And I hope this exhibition will inspire the whole community to look at art and create their own work of beauty and creativity,” she said.

Rani Dattatreya, who runs a small art gallery in Chennai called Rani’s Gallery, says her gallery is a new phenomenon.

“Every year, we have a show in the gallery.

We are the first one to show new pieces.

And we are also the first gallery in the city to have the works in our collection,” she says.

Dattatra says that art has always been important to her.

“When I was young, I had to travel a lot and when I was home, I would travel everywhere.

And that is when I started learning about art.

When I was a little girl, I used to paint my mother’s house.

I also painted murals, and when my mother died, I painted a portrait of her,” she recalls.

Rati Dattatreya, Rani and her mother Rani (Photo by Rani Kukla) Dattatriya has always loved the art.

As a child, she used to decorate her home with colourful and vibrant paintings.

“In my mothering, I always liked to paint pictures.

I used a lot to create the

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