Burke decorates a Christmas dinner

In a perfect holiday tradition, two farmhouse decorators have created a Christmas decor for a Christmas feast.

Burke, 27, said he wanted to create a traditional Christmas look and wanted to have the decorations come together with the seasons.

“I wanted the festive spirit of the year to be the main focus,” he said.

“But we also wanted to incorporate some of the seasonal elements we love.”

In his bid to create an unusual and original Christmas decor, Mr Burke said he had tried to create things with a certain level of detail and quality that would complement the season.

“For this I chose a large oak Christmas tree,” he explained.

“It’s the largest of the trees and it’s a lot of work to do.”

There are two steps to it: removing the branches and adding the wood.

“Burke said he started by chopping up the tree and the roots and then the wood and then he started the carving process.”

We were in the garden when I started, just making the wood, but then I started working on the tree, which was very time consuming,” he laughed.”

So it’s very exciting.

“He said the process was quite simple and it involved cutting out the branches to make a tree with branches that were in different places.”

Once I had a nice little tree that looked like it would be a great Christmas tree, then I just started adding the leaves,” he joked.”

You can have a nice, big tree with a little one on top.

You can put a lot on top and it can look really festive.

“Burk’s wife, Kristy, added to the festive mood by decorating a Christmas cake.”

Christmas is all about sharing and we wanted to do something special for the people we love,” she said.


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