The Hindu: Pancham’s Panchamin’s daughter in custody over rape

Panchalin’s daughter, Kashi Panchaman, has been arrested over the rape of her father-in-law.

Panchamin, a well-known Hindu leader, is accused of sexually assaulting his former wife.

The couple divorced when she was in her late 30s.

Kashi Pancal, 31, who is in police custody in Jharkhand, was reportedly arrested on Wednesday.

She is a minor, and has not yet been charged.

Pancal is currently out on bail and is under investigation by the police for the alleged rape.

He was arrested on September 27.

Pacham Panchal is the president of the Panchayan Samiti.

He is also the brother of Pancharin, a local BJP leader who was arrested in December 2016 for allegedly raping a woman.

He had reportedly confessed to the crime.

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