How to make a festive cake with your favorite Christmas decorating

With the holidays approaching, here are five simple Christmas-themed recipes for your home decor.

(Published Thursday, Nov. 6, 2018)Here’s How to Make a Christmas Cake with your Favorite Christmas Decorating (VIDEO)1.

A Carving Cake1.

Make a Carving Christmas CakeWith a small carving cake, you can decorate a home with festive decorations.

(Photo by Jessica Schaller)2.

A Christmas Tree and a Christmas Tree in a Box1.

Place a Christmas tree on the floor of your home.

This is the perfect Christmas decoration for a small Christmas decoration.

(Video by Jessica Schultz)3.

The Perfect Christmas Tree1.

The best way to make this holiday decorating Christmas tree is by placing a large Christmas tree inside of a small box.

The smaller the box, the better the decoration.

The larger the box the better.

This way, the tree will stand out and will attract attention.

(Photos by JessicaSchaller and LauraBuckner)4.

A Holiday Ornament1.

Decorate your home with a simple Christmas ornament.

(VIDEO by Jessica, LauraBuckle, JessicaSchalder)2

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