The best and worst of the American automotive industry

The best of the best of America’s automotive industry is in full bloom right now.

The world’s greatest automaker, Ford, is building its own electric vehicle in a small, off-the-grid facility near Detroit.

Volkswagen is building an all-electric crossover, the first one ever to reach full electric power in the United States.

The Ford Fusion is the world’s first fully electric SUV, with the most powerful engine ever made.

And now, Tesla is building a car that’s more than just a car: it’s an entirely new way of thinking about what a car should be.

For a start, Tesla’s cars are more fun to drive than any other car company in the world, which is a big plus for the brand.

And Tesla has been able to pull off something that, if you’re a Tesla fan, you probably didn’t know existed: a massive crossover that looks like a small sedan but is powered by two electric motors, a new engine with nearly 500 horsepower, and a battery pack that packs up to 2,000 miles of range.

This, Tesla said in a press release, is “the world’s most advanced production vehicle,” and the first electric vehicle to be built on a mass scale by a car company.

Tesla also said that the vehicle is “fully compatible with Tesla’s Powerpack and Powerpack Plus batteries,” which were first announced in March and are already available for lease at Tesla stores.

In fact, the company is selling a version of the vehicle with an 85kWh battery pack.

The Fusion is a supercar, but it’s the Tesla that is truly remarkable.

If Tesla really wanted to show how it can do something, it could have just built a crossover that looked like a sports car.

It didn’t want to do that.

Instead, Tesla has built a car with a lot more in common with a sports sedan than a sportsy crossover.

For one thing, it’s not a sports coupe, and it’s certainly not a hypercar, either.

Instead it’s a sporty crossover, a sport sedan, and an SUV, all rolled into one.

And while the Fusion’s design is a bit futuristic, it does have a few things in common.

The car itself is almost entirely made of carbon fiber, which Tesla said was a “very good material for making the car lighter.”

And the design is more about efficiency than anything else.

The company says it’s producing about 1,100 cars a day and plans to produce 1 million cars a year, or enough for roughly 40,000 full-time employees.

It’s not just the car that makes the Fusion the most efficient sports car ever built, though.

It is the company’s entire philosophy.

For years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made a point of saying that Tesla is a company that wants to build cars that people actually want to drive.

Tesla has also long been a leader in building a mass market, all-new vehicle.

It launched the Model S sedan in 2009, and today it has three different models with various performance levels, all based on the same design language.

Tesla’s first SUV, the Model X, has been out for a few years now, but now, it seems that Tesla has made its first real attempt at a mass-market sports car, the Fusion.

That’s a big deal, because Tesla has never really been known for building cars that are really about performance, or even the latest technology.

So Tesla has to have something to sell.

And what it is is a sport car, powered by a large, electrically assisted supercharger, that is designed to go 100 miles per charge.

And it’s one that you can actually drive.

“You can drive it and it will go 100 mph on its own,” Musk said during the unveiling of the car, which was also accompanied by a video that showcased a range of Tesla’s vehicles.

The first Fusion to be launched on a public road was the Fusion, which had an all new design that is almost a hybrid.

The new design was a hybrid, but in its own way, Musk said.

The hybrid system is based on Tesla’s Model S, which Musk said “wasn’t quite as efficient” as the new Fusion.

“There’s a lot of the Model 3 parts that were in the Fusion,” Musk explained.

“It’s just a lot smaller, but a lot lighter, and we wanted to make it more fuel efficient.”

But the Fusion is not just a sports sports car: the Fusion has some of the most technologically advanced components in the industry.

Its entire design is based around the same principles as Tesla’s other cars.

It has an electric motor and a superchargers system that allows it to run on electricity.

It also has all the components needed to build the most sophisticated electric vehicles on the planet.

And all of those parts were made by Tesla, Musk added.

The Model S electric drivetrain has two superchargors that can charge the car’s battery in seconds

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