The Latest: The Latest on the latest Bachelor party decorations

Fox Sports’ Bachelor Party decorator, Dan Miller, shared his latest photos of the upcoming Bachelor parties in which he shared some of the best bathroom decor ideas to get you in the mood for the big night. 

As you can see, Miller shared some very unique bathroom decor for the party in the bedroom and the living room.

Miller also shared some great ideas for the dining table decor, including some very fun little pillows.

Miller is the co-owner of The Blue Room, a company that offers custom bathtub wall paintings, bathtub shower curtains, and more. 

Miller also shared his thoughts on the new Bachelor party decor in the living area, saying that it is a great addition to the room, and will be great for guests looking to relax. 

“The dining table is one of the biggest things I’ve had the pleasure of working on and it will be very, very fun,” Miller said.

“We’ll definitely be getting more of these ideas in the future, but this one really stands out.

It looks like the guys are going to enjoy it, it looks like they’re going to be eating and drinking and watching TV. 

This is the kind of thing that can be done in the home and we just wanted to be able to share it.” 

Miller shared some other ideas for party decorations including some really cute little pillow pillows, including one that comes in three colors. 

If you’d like to try out some of Miller’s other ideas, head over to his website to see some of his other work. 

Here are some of our favorite bathroom decor tips from Miller. 


A very comfortable place to go to bed This bathroom decor idea might be the coolest bathroom design Miller has ever made. 

The designer said that the bathroom wall in the master bedroom is made up of multiple different pieces, each one unique and a piece that looks like it belongs in the bathroom. 

He said that it looks really cool and unique. 


The best way to relax The bathroom is the best place to relax when you’re home with your family, and that is where Miller believes the bathroom should be in your home. 

So, what do you think of his bathroom decor? 

What are some bathroom decorating ideas you have for the Bachelor party? 

And what bathroom decor do you love?

Let us know in the comments below.

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