Canada’s ‘welcome to Canada’ poster is not just about ‘Welcome to Canada’, says poster author

A “welcome” poster designed to welcome Canadians to the country by the time they reach adulthood is not only about “Welcome toCanada” but also about “Happy New Year”.

A design by artist Michael Molloy, whose “Welcome To Canada” project, which he says has attracted more than 6,000 submissions, will be unveiled at the World Art Exhibition in Montreal this week.

Molloy is a Toronto-based illustrator who has worked for the Canadian government for decades and has also published two books on Canada.

His “Welcome” poster, for the 20-year-old edition of the Canadian Art Association’s annual “Art of Canada” awards, is meant to be a beacon for the country.

“It’s about creating a welcoming environment for the young artists,” said Mollory, who is based in Toronto.

“I hope people will be inspired by it.

It’s really about getting the young people excited.”

The poster, which will be part of the exhibit, was created using acrylic, inks and coloured pencils.

It was presented to the public on Feb. 23 in New York City by the World Trade Center Museum and will be on display at the International Centre for Contemporary Art in Toronto from Thursday to Sunday.

Mulloy says he originally designed the poster with the hope that it would be “a beacon of hope” for Canadians.

“I think people want to be able to feel a sense of belonging,” he said.

“When I see a poster that says ‘Welcome To The World’, I think, ‘I could live in a world that was more welcoming to me, a world where I could be proud of who I am.'”

The poster features a white background and the words “Welcome Home.”

“I love seeing a poster and a message from a country that’s already here, so it really is an emotional connection,” said Mulloy.

“For a lot of Canadians, they’re just starting out in their lives.

They don’t know where to go.

They’re struggling to figure out how to be successful.”

Mollory says he thinks the message of the poster will resonate with young Canadians who may not have seen any posters of their own before.

“There’s a lot that can be learned from a poster,” he added.

“It can be a little bit more emotional.

I think it’s a message of hope, but it’s also a message that you’re welcome to come to Canada.”

The World Art Gallery in New Delhi also presented “WelcomeHome” to the world last year.

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