When the Pope speaks, the world listens – and it is not a good thing

The pope has spoken.

But, for some in the world, it is also a good time to talk about the future.

Pope Francis, who arrived in Mexico City in late February, has not been silent on the world stage.

In his inaugural address on Thursday, he spoke of the need to rebuild peace, justice and security in the Middle East.

He called for an end to war and a renewed peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Vatican also made the bold announcement on Wednesday that the Catholic Church would no longer be involved in the UN-brokered Palestinian peace process, but would instead be working to resolve disputes between Israelis, Palestinians and the Holy See.

The move came after the Holy Father issued a letter to world leaders, which called for a “transitional period” to be “reconstituted” and to “reopen dialogue” between the sides.

While many in the international community remain skeptical of the sincerity of the Pope’s approach, they do not seem to be losing patience with his message.

On Wednesday, a statement by the Vatican’s Secretary of State Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano said: “We are witnessing a new era in world relations.

This is a time when we must work together to achieve a just and lasting peace.”

He said that the Holy Church, along with other Christian traditions, has the “moral, spiritual and political mission” to help build peace and justice.

He said the Vatican will work with the Palestinian leadership to promote peace, reconciliation and justice in the Holy Land.

Pope’s ‘vision of peace’ The pope has not shied away from using his platform to promote his own agenda, such as the Catholic church’s involvement in the peace process between Israelis in the occupied West Bank and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In February, he invited Israelis to join him in the city of Mexico City to pray for peace.

He also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and met with President Trump at the White House.

He has also called for the establishment of an international commission to oversee the peace talks between Israelis & Palestinians, and a new Palestinian state.

And he has spoken of the importance of the Church in the struggle for justice, saying: “The Church is the indispensable instrument for building the world community that is the foundation of peace.”

In his inaugural speech, Francis said the world needs “a vision of peace”, which he said is not achieved through “political and military means” but by means of “peaceful dialogue”.

“The world needs a vision of the peaceful path that will bring about the end of the conflicts of today and the beginning of the future,” he said.

“This vision is not dependent on political and military methods.

It is a vision that is based on the truth, not on ideology, not of the interests of the powerful, but on the values of humanity, justice, peace and the dignity of every human being.”

“It is not easy to achieve peace, but it is possible,” he continued.

“It is possible to have the vision of a future that is not based on conflict but on a vision for a future in which every person, every family and every community can live in peace.”

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