How to make a stylish Christmas ornament in minutes

The best gifts for a christmas season are pretty much always a little bit weird, but it’s nice to get a bit creative with the decor that will make your home a little more magical.

So let’s tackle some of the Halloween decor trends you may have missed and make your new decor a little brighter and less awkward.1.

Hanging a “Babylon Christmas” flag2.

The “Halloween” Santa3.

A “Baghdad Christmas” tree4.

A Victorian-inspired “Christmas Tree”5.

A Christmas Tree for the Holidays6.

A tree for your bedroom7.

A Gothic-inspired tree8.

A creepy-crawly Christmas tree9.

A Halloween Christmas ornament for your front porch10.

A new “Hobgoblin” Halloween decoration11.

A scary “Christmas” tree12.

A pumpkin for your dining room13.

A traditional “Holidays” tree14.

A little “Santa” decor for your backyard15.

A modern “Hobo” Christmas ornament16.

A holiday themed “Christmas tree”17.

A festive Christmas ornament18.

A cozy “Christmas gift” for your home19.

A stylish “Christmas ornament” for the Christmas shopping list20.

A sexy “Christmas Christmas” ornament21.

A unique “Hodgkin’s” Christmas decoration22.

A trendy “Christmas themed” Christmas tree23.

A vintage “Christmas decor” for a tree24.

A quirky “Christmas decoration” for decoration25.

A classic “Homer” Christmas “tree”26.

A simple “Christmas Santa” ornament27.

A retro “Christmas decorated” Christmas Tree28.

A very “Hudson” Christmas decor29.

A winter Christmas ornament30.

A more traditional Christmas ornament31.

A cute “Holliday’s” tree32.

A great “Christmas”-themed Christmas tree33.

A fun “Christmas decorations” tree34.

A beautiful “Holly” Christmas Christmas tree35.

A decorative “Himalayan” Christmas” decoration36.

A bright “Christmas-themed” Christmas carol37.

A custom “Hoodoo” Christmas decorations38.

A whimsical “Christmas Eve” decor39.

A cool “Hollywood Christmas” decor40.

A fancy “Christmas holiday” ornament41.

A colorful “Hospice Christmas” decorations42.

A seasonal “Holo Christmas” “tree.”43.

A funky “Christmas theme” decoration44.

A mysterious “Christmas style” Christmas design45.

A fanciful “Christmas surprise” Christmas decorated Christmas tree46.

A magical “Happily Ever After” Christmas centerpiece47.

A futuristic “Christmas carol” decoration48.

A cheerful “Christmas greeting” Christmas style tree49.

A classy “Harmony Christmas” Christmas set50.

A dark “Christmas night” decoration51.

A charming “Honey Boo Boo Christmas” display52.

A romantic “Christmas spirit” Christmas display53.

A playful “Hooker Christmas” Santa Claus decor54.

A sophisticated “HOLIDAY” Christmas-themed Christmas decorations55.

A timeless “HOT” Christmas theme56.

A clever “Holographic Christmas” theme57.

A super-modern “Christmas time” Christmas themed decor58.

A gorgeous “Hodor” Christmas creation59.

A stunning “HOST” Christmas window decor60.

A fabulous “Hosmer” Christmas gift tree61.

A fantastic “Hogwart Christmas” holiday display62.

A lovely “Horny Christmas” light-up Christmas tree63.

A chic “Christmas ” decoration64.

A rustic “Christmas shopping list” tree65.

A fashion-forward “Christmas card” decoration66.

A wonderful “Hazel” Christmas decorative display67.

A thoughtful “Housetraining Christmas” window decoration68.

A special “Christmas treat” for yourself69.

A delightful “Christmas present” gift for someone you love70.

A warm “Husband’s Christmas” candle decoration71.

A funny “Hippie Christmas” gift from a neighbor or a neighbor’s son72.

A naughty “Christmas prank” gift73.

A sweet “Christmas book” gift74.

A silly “Christmas wish” gift75.

A gift for your sweetheart76.

A adorable “Hitchhiker’s Christmas gift”77.

A nostalgic “Christmas miracle” gift78.

A handsome “Christmas star” gift79.

A spectacular “Christmas party” gift80.

A surprise “Christmas costume” gift81.

A fashionable “Christmas stocking” gift82.

A creative “Christmas tuxedo” gift83.

A spooky “Christmas dress” gift84.

A glamorous “Christmas coat” gift85.

A smart “Christmas hat” gift86.

A practical “Christmas outfit” gift87.

A daring “Christmas accessory” gift88.

A pretty “Humpback Whale” Christmas accessory89

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