10 ways to make your home look more like a dorm room

A dorm room is the ultimate living space for students, but it can be a struggle for parents and teachers to keep their decor in line.

But now, a new study by The University of Southern California suggests parents may have a solution.

“There’s an opportunity for parents to really be involved in what their children are doing, and really be in control of the decor that they put up,” said Jessica Kowalski, a senior lecturer in the school of art and design.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, shows how parents can get creative with their own decorations for their classrooms.

Kowalsky’s research team had students design and print out hundreds of classroom-style murals for their rooms.

They found that while the students loved the artwork, parents were more than happy to pay for it themselves.

“In the end, we were able to create a whole suite of items for our classrooms that were totally unique and we thought were very, very cool and were really, very expensive,” said Kowingski.

“Parents can use the materials they find to do their own house decor, so there’s an exciting possibility that they can really get creative in how they decorate their classrooms.”

The researchers hope to get more creative with other students’ decor to help keep them busy and entertained during their learning.

The first students to complete the project completed their artwork in less than two weeks.

The research team hopes the findings can be applied to classroom decor.

“I think we have a very specific window into a certain kind of student and they can have an effect on the school that they might not have had on a broader scale, but in the long term, it could have a long-lasting impact,” Kowers said.

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