What to do when your boss’ Christmas tree is stolen?

The American conservative publication The American Spectator published an article on December 30, 2017 titled “Christmas is an insult to the American way of life, and it’s time to get rid of it.”

The article begins by calling on Congress to “end the celebration of Christmas in America.”

The American flag is placed on the ground, and the words “Love trumps hate” are scrawled on the tree.

The article concludes by stating that “Americans are tired of seeing their government’s hand outstretched in a cruel way for political gain.”

A second version of the article has been published on the American Spectators website titled “Happy holidays!”

The article is titled “America Is Not a Country of Hate” and claims that America is a “blessed country of immigrants, and we are a nation of law-abiding citizens.”

The following day, December 31, 2017, The American Heritage magazine published a cover story titled “The New World Order.”

The cover features a picture of President Donald Trump and the message, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

The following week, The National Review published an opinion piece titled “What Happened to Christmas?”

The article, written by John Derbyshire, claims that President Trump and congressional Republicans were trying to take away the American people’s ability to express their feelings.

Derbyshires article begins with the assertion that President Donald J. Trump is a fascist who wants to take over the country.

He further claims that the President and Congress are trying to destroy American culture and religion.

Derbs is also wrong about many of the facts of the story.

For instance, there is no evidence that the “New World Order” was created to destroy Christianity.

For decades, the National Review has supported the “United States of America,” which is a Christian nation with the Constitution written in the United States Constitution.

The President and Congressional Republicans have never advocated taking away religious freedom.

On December 31st, 2017 the New York Times published an editorial entitled “Trump and his Nazi Clique”.

The editorial titled “President Trump and his National Security Council are on a collision course over the future of the nation” is an attack on the President.

The editorial states, “Mr. Trump and Congress have chosen to turn America into a Third World country.

They will take away our right to express our religious beliefs.

They have chosen a foreign religion as our national flag, and they are threatening to use force to make that happen.”

The editorial concludes with the statement, “They want to take our country back from the people.”

The same day, Derbysire published an op-ed titled “Donald Trump and His Nazi Cliques.”

The op-eds article is entitled “Why I’m Not Going to Go to the White House.”

It is titled, “There is no better time to be a Republican than right now.

We have a real chance of making history.”

Derbysre is wrong when he claims that Trump has “a real chance” of winning the Presidency.

There are many other examples of his claims.

In 2016, Derb wrote an article entitled “America is going to hell” which states, “[I]f I could, I would vote for Donald Trump.”

In a 2016 interview with Alex Jones, Derbs claims that “Trump is the most dangerous man in America,” adding, “I don’t know if it’s the man who wants that, but I know he’s going to get it.”

In the same interview, DerBS claims that Donald Trump’s plan to get the United Nations to adopt a “climate change-friendly” code of conduct is a ploy to make the world a “Third World country.”

On December 27, 2017 Derb published an Op-ed entitled “I am a Nazi.”

It was titled “It’s a Wrap!

Donald Trump is Hitler!”

The Op-Ed begins by stating, “The United States of North America is not a country of hate.”

The Op to the Op-al is titled “‘I am the Hitler of the United State of America.'”

Derbs claim that “the most dangerous guy in America” is a member of the Republican Party is not true.

The most dangerous person in America is Donald Trump.

The GOP has a long history of promoting the anti-immigrant and anti-religious beliefs of the far right.

It is ironic that Trump is the candidate of the “Republican Party” that has supported policies that have made America a Third-World country.

In 2017, the Republican National Committee (RNC) published an ad campaign in which they used the Nazi salute and the Confederate flag.

The RNC was also the largest donor to the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again.

The campaign featured the “National Anthem” being played and a man yelling the phrase “USA, USA, USA.”

Trump was the Republican candidate for president in 2016 and received more than 20 million votes.

In addition to making the U.S. a Third Reich, Donald Trump has threatened to build a

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