A butterfly wall at a Texas church will be adorned with the ‘Happy Birthday’ flag.

A butterfly-themed wall at an Episcopal church in Texas will feature the American flag in the shape of the state’s “Happy Birthday” flag, a local ABC affiliate reported.

The church, which is owned by the United Methodist Church, decided to create a wall in honor of the holiday on its grounds after the death of its founder, St. Vincent De Paul.

The wall will feature a poster that shows the flag with a photo of the couple’s son, Justin De Paul, and the words “Happy birthday, my son.”

The wall is the first of its kind at a church in the United States.

“It’s not only for us,” said Pastor Gary Stearns of The Church of God, the church that owns the property.

“We wanted to do something to remember the good that came from him.”

The church also said it was also trying to honor St. Louis native St. Augustine.

“I’m very happy to have this opportunity to honor Justin and St. Vinnie,” he told the station.

The local ABC station, WHAS-TV, also reported that the wall will also feature a portrait of the De Paul family, as well as the phrase “Happy, Happy Birthday.”

ABC News’ Matt Smith contributed to this report.