How to build your own ‘Cupcake’ decorating idea

It might look like a cupcake but these little things can make a big difference in your day-to-day life.

They can be a bit of a hassle when you have to put everything together, but with these simple decorating tips you can make them look and feel a bit more ‘ladylike’.1.

Place cupcakes in a baking dish to hold them upYou could make the cupcakes by placing them in a large baking dish and then placing them on top of the dish.

Then, just cover them up with foil and bake them until golden brown.2.

Place a cake decoration inside a cup for added fun1.

Make your own cake decorating by placing a cake decorator on top a cup and then covering it up with the cake decorators foil.

Then place the cupcake inside the cup.2, 3.

Use the right size cupcake cupcake decoration for your favourite cupcake decoratorsFlip the cup around and place it on top.

Then turn the cup upside down and place the other cupcake in the middle.

This will give you a nice ‘flip-up’ effect.4.

Use your favourite cake decor decorators to decorate your cupcakesThe decorators you choose will depend on your cupcake design and the size of the cup you’re planning to use.

You can buy cake decorates for the same size of cupcake as your cup, and for different sizes of cupcakes.

If you are planning to make more than one cupcakes, you might want to try out different decorators.5.

Put your cup into the centre of the cakeYou can also make the cake in a cake pan to make it a little easier to shape.

Place the cake inside the pan and then fold over the sides and the edges to create a ‘cupcake’ shape.6.

Put the top of a cup in the centre and decorate the inside with your favourite decorationYou can use a variety of decorations to decorates your cup.

You could add your own flowery designs, make a ‘muffin top’ and a ‘bamboo flower’ to your cup to really make it unique.

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