When a tree falls in your garden, why not put a rose in it?

A tree has fallen into your backyard, but you’ve got no idea where it fell.

So why not decorate your home with a rose, as the New York Times has discovered?

The paper reports that in the city of New York, there are a variety of tree-shaped decorations that are supposed to be hung in front of windows and doors.

The paper says the rose-shaped wood-framed curtain can be hung anywhere in the house.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation says the curtain, which can be bought for $1,500, is meant to be used as a decorative tree decoration.

“They are made to be installed in a different position than any other decorative tree,” a department official told the paper.

“It is designed to be easy to hang and easy to remove.”

The curtain can even be removed for decoration purposes, as it comes in a package of three.

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