How to Make Your Christmas Tree a Decorating Disaster

Christmas decorations can be a huge challenge, but the simple DIY can also turn into a real life horror story.

If you have a large house and you’re a big fan of the idea of decorating your home with festive decorations, this post is for you.

I was inspired to make my own Christmas tree from a picture of a Christmas tree on Pinterest, which I found through a friend.

The idea of using a piece of wood as the base for a decoration was quite simple.

I just needed to cut out a section of the wood, lay it on top of the other sections, and attach it to the top of my tree.

Then I had to find a way to get it to hang in the air.

After I decided on the shape of my Christmas tree, I also made a few modifications to the tree.

The first one was that I made the top section longer.

Since I wanted to keep it out of the way, I left the branch sticking out of my fireplace and placed it on the top side of my wood.

Once that was done, I had a big Christmas tree!

The other part was to get the inside of the tree out of a bag.

With a little help from my friend, I pulled out a plastic bag and filled it with paper towels.

As you can see in the photo, I cut off the end of the paper towels to make a hanging cord, then wrapped the plastic bag around it.

Here’s what I ended up with: I took all the pieces and put them in a box and hung them in the tree in the backyard of our home.

To make the cardboard box I used a large box cutter, a sharp knife, and a screwdriver.

The box cutter was for the front side of the box, the knife was for cutting the cardboard, and the screwdriver was for screwing the cardboard onto the tree, so the cardboard was stuck together.

When I was finished, I just attached the cardboard to the wooden frame of my house and added a curtain.

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and decorations, and this is one of those times.

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